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Introducing: Daily Cup of Coffee

Here’s a site I’ve been planning to make for awhile now:

Link: dailycupofcoffee.com

Daily Cup of Coffee is a site that will compile a list of links to recent news articles that are good news or funny. Not "feel bad" news stories.

Credit goes to my sister for suggesting the name "Daily Cup of Coffee", which helped me shape the design and feel of the site, which I can easily continue to use as a consistent theme as the site expands in the future.

- Thanks for reading!
- Ian M.

And We’re Back!

The site is back online. I have been working on several projects during the last few months; almost ready to launch.

Starting a business in the middle of the Wuhan Coronavirus pandemic probably isn’t the most auspicious time, but as a web developer, the quarantine just means that the whole world is a captive audience right now.

I’ve got a handful of websites in the pipeline. Also I have another project that should be ready for early-access in a month-or-so. This should be a fun ride, hopefully it will make money too.

Also hopefully the plague will go away soon.

- Thanks for reading!
- Ian M.
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